Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mormon Missionary Miracle

I may wear this theme out entirely, but it bears repeating. And repeating. It is about Mormon missionaries.

Each week, and at various times in between, Ranelle and I get to sit in with about twenty of them in their zone conference meeting. And being the senior couple, we have been asked by our mission president to give them a ten minute lesson, each time, about grooming, manners, doctrine, or whatever we judge is helpful for the service they are giving. Last week Ranelle conducted a class in "conducting" (music). Today I gave them a class on teaching, and had them read six different scripture passages about what they need toward being more effective teachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our parts went, I am happy to tell you, very, very well.

But our contribution is minimal in comparison with what materializes when those missionaries meet. Reason: Because present there is a group of the finest young people imaginable--just fine, young men. Handsome, courteous, confident, righteous.

And today Ranelle and I got to be a part of that miracle! I tell you, it is a joy to mingle with those kids, shake their hands, and listen in as they instruct each other, and discuss the nuances of their lives as they serve their Lord.

And Sister and Elder O'Dell get to be a part of it! We are blessed to the very core!

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