Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ossification of the Spirit

It just blows the mind how easily one lets life breeze by without even lifting his nose to test the air. "Ossification of the spirit," they call it. And one sure test of the disease is to count how few contributions the afflicted makes to his own blogspot.

Knowing it is but one disadvantage of several, one upliftment we westerners forego is the onslaught of fireflies come summertime. I never cease to experience an almost child-like glee at seeing those little friends--they are an authentic gift from heaven! One lady last winter described standing on the edge of a cleared acreage and watching the dark night swarm with twinkles. We are making a point, this year, to experience that.

The Great Philosopher Dizzy Dean once said, "If you done it, it ain't braggin!" Now don't think I'm braggin', but tonight I experienced the electricity that's generated when an interesting subject is taught to eager learners--it's memory de-ossifies the spirit. Example: tonight in my Pearl of Great Price class, we discussed chapters 1&2 of "The Book of Abraham." Most had not read it. And then to share what a magnificent man Abraham was, and reveal to them the all-but-unspeakable gifts and promises given by God to him, the wonder in their eyes was a joy I cherish. But the creschendo came when I could promise they too are heirs to those very same promises. Their contribution: active fidelity to the same gospel of Jesus Christ that Abraham taught. (Want to trade me places? Forget it!)

I taught my lesson tonight; Ranelle teaches hers tomorrow night. Her class title: "Teachings of the Living Prophets." Note: she is a 98-percentile teacher! I love sitting in her classes--her other students do too! Ranelle's lessons are predictably excellent and easy to attend. Thank Heaven for the doctrine of Eternal Progression because there is still hope for me!

Note: John and Ranelle O'Dell love YOU!

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Erin said...

Awesome, Dad!! I love you, too.