Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Only insane highschoolers will lust after stingey, severe cold conditions. I know they will because I was once one of them. We wanted it so cold the mink furs would fill our rich and full.

I know better now.So here I am way up north, and I shiver at the very thought, and I cannot yet even see my breath! But then, August just passed, and every one knows that's way too soon for winter. But that's only because they have not lived in Michigan.

But then is it? Not when you live in Michigan, it isn't. And we've been experiencing the onset of autumn for the past week, plus a day or two. No changed leaf colors yet, but I'm certain they're not far away!

So whoever you are; wherever you are, savor your lower latitude, and feel blessed that you've got a few more weeks before you begin scraping car windows.

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