Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just now Ranelle and I got back from our "beauty walk" (Note: it doesn't work that way anymore). Along the way we admired the many, many colors in the trees and fallen leaves that were strewn along the pathway on the ground. At one place I exclaimed, "Just think! Had we not come on our mission everything at home would be just fine, and we would be plenty happy there. But just look at all we would've missed!" I was gesturing just then to the glorious woods we were walking through. To this she added: "Yes, and there is also Mitch, and Kelly, and Kate, and Joseph, and Jenny, and...." What we were adding up was the vast wealth we have garnered for our lives--just by using one word that is already in our vocabulary; the word "yes." And all of this has happened so far in just a short ten months. We still have until the end of April before we leave, so imagine what great experiences--and acquaintances--yet lay before us!

What we are tacitly saying is that we have absolutely fallen in love with Michigan! With but few exceptions we love everything we have seen about the place. And here around our "house" we have grown to love River Terrace Drive (that is our "walking street"), our "forest" ("woods" is what "those in the know" call it), our apartment, and our neighbors. And our "work!" For the present, we would like to be absolutely no place else. I suggested once that we could sell our house and purchase one of the homes on River Terrace Drive. Abruptly I was rebuffed. One word once again: "Grandchildren!"


mimihalley said...

Those words are so important! :) (Yes and Grandchildren) I am glad that you have fallen in love with Michigan and the service you are providing. I know I loved it when you were serving me in that capacity! :) Autumns out here sure are spectacular.

Erin said...

Whew!! Thank goodness for grandchildren! Good thing there's at least one reason not to move to Michigan!