Sunday, February 8, 2009

Michigan Tourage

For this missionary mankind, time's as scarce, nearly, as money. Thus Week after week one brief pause and the "scrambles" begin. Painful disease.

But not all is work. And here in the fabled land of Great Lakes, one would short himself plenty were he/she not to look up sometimes, and look around. And since Lansing, the state's capital, houses the state's museum, last Saturday the O'Dells teamed up with Elder and Sister Davis of Lehi, Utah, and toured the place. Nice diversion. In case you don't know, lots of good things have happened here in Michigan, among which was manufacturing many of the machines that made America. (And know what? While inspecting the myriad photographs of turn-of-the-century men working amid the cold and mud and mosquitoes, my personal judgement is that the "good old days" is now!)

You and I both have seen that phrase "Six munse ago I could not even spel teecher, and now I are one." And knowing you would scream plagery if I claimed authorship, I'll jus' tel the truth--I dictated it. Reason: for teacherocity, this one falls too far short. I am hoping, however, to ride on Ranelle's coat tails because she excels the ideal. With her clear, lilting voice her comments add lustre to any meeting, and her formal class lessons ring true and memorable. Try as I may to live up to her instant reputation, however, I'm drifting way, far behind!


Erin said...

I love you, Dad!!

mimihalley said...

I am glad you got to check out the museum. I have never been to that museum, but I love going to them in general. Maybe I'll check it out one of these times I visit my parents.

And it's so sweet to hear you talk about Sister O'Dell. :)