Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Busy Week

Late Saturday night, but I do not want to retire until I put in my "2 cents."

What a great week we have had. Finally it seems we are getting life in control. It is amazing how much is required to get set up and functioning. I begin cooking something and find I am missing an ingredient--which, of course, is on the shelf at home. It seems we have spent lots of money acquiring the basics in the pantry and the apartment. What is amazing is that we have the money available to purchase what is needed. Yesterday we purchased a computer table and two office chairs for $10.00 each at the MSU Surplus store. The chairs are comfortable, swivel, raise and lower and, when I clean the upholstery, they will look very nice. Best of all these purchases make our "office" work so much more convenient and pleasant.

We did a couple of great Munch 'n Mingle lunches this week. We are going to cut it down to one day a week, plus the lunch that goes with the Friday class taught by the institute director. With all the money budgeted for Munch 'n Mingle going for one day instead of two, we will be able to provide more food so they can expect to have enough to eat. Tuesday we made biscuits and gravy. Thursday I baked bread and we made potato soup. To go with the hot bread, I made honey butter. Was it ever good!! Erin shared the recipe with me--so easy and inexpensive:

Beat together 1 cube of butter and 1/3 cup honey. Fold this into 8 ounces of whipped topping and pile it on the hot bread. hmmmmm

The Student Living Center, where we live, is part of the Institute of Religion property. In this close-knit community, we have a pretty unique association. This evening, for instance, we were just finishing our meal, when there was a knock on the door. One of the graduate students came by to ask for some recipes. She sat down at the table with us and we shared the cookies just out of the oven. Before she left, three sister missionaries knocked on our door. They enjoyed cookies and played a game of Chinese checkers with us. Then one of the men came by to answer a computer question I had and we sent him down the hall with a few cookies in hand. So much for the cookies.

Last week at a potluck meal, I took my camera and now have collected about thirty pictures of individuals living here and attending church in the University Ward. It has helped a great deal as we try to match names and faces. Soon we will get acquainted with everyone at the institute and hopefully all those attending the student ward.

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mimihalley said...

That is a great recipe! And I definitely agree with the cost of setting up a new kitchen. I often find myself wishing I had all the things my mom has in her kitchen when I'm cooking. I never knew how expensive spices were before I got married and started buying them. Oh my! :) I'm glad that you've entered such a friendly, close knit community. They seem to have welcomed you with open arms, and who wouldn't? :) It's evident you love them all already. Thank you for your e-mail. :) I love reading your updates and hearing how you're doing.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you are doing well. Hearing all your meals made me miss our Friday lunch and institute class!

JULI said...

Hi! It is fun to think you are quite a bit closer, yet still so far away. Now with a blog I can feel even closer to you both again. I am glad you are doing great and adjusting. Those in Lansing will be grateful for your willingness to serve there. Miss ya!