Monday, December 7, 2009

At times home-bound simpletons perceive the limits of the world extend but to the limits of their myopia. And then they go missionarying. Suddenly, with newly-prescribed "cheaters" they learn that not only do far-flung stakes of the church exist, but they even thrive. Cases-in-point: Muncie, Indiana Stake; Lansing, Michigan Stake. Furthermore, these simpletons learn first-hand that not only are those mission fielders "Mormons" in name, but they actually live the doctrines of the gospel, and they teach and garner up the same principles of truth as do the Saints at home. Furthermore, those simpletons discover that far-flung stakes contain brothers and sisters of uncommon warmth, and intelligence, and stature--matching or exceeding (is it possible?) those they knew at home!

Last night, for instance: driving out the stakehouse parking lot, my missionary companion blurts out: "My, WHAT wonderful people!!! She was ecstatic. And for good reason: slightly less than one year ago not one of those people knew--nor cared--that John and Ranelle O'Dell even exist. (Note: from past experience we knew they existed, but knew absolutely not one of them.) And now, after a rich and warm stake social, we discover we not only know a hefty percentage of them, but we love them, too. And our friendships, some of them, promise to extend far into the future.

And all of that because of one simple phrase: "Yes, we will go."

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Erin said...

That was beautiful, dad!

I wondered what you would say the other day in Church when the speaker said Meridian, Idaho, is "Zion."