Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cold Days; Warm Friends

On one Christmas card from tropical California was an envious note saying, "You'll probably have a white Christmas." To which Ranelle quickly replied, "We will, but we'll trade you."

Christmas is now past, and in its wake many warm memories. Like Ranelle suggested in her last blog: "overall, the Lansing, Michigan people are some of the most kind and courteous we have ever known." The most overt kindnesses are of course, individual and personal, but even the kind acceptance of so many who were until recently but strangers is most humbling. Example: just today Ranelle and I spoke in the St. Johns [Michigan] branch. They are thirty miles to the north but as we watched the crowd arrive we were thrilled to see perhaps fifteen very good friends. We waved back and forth as they spotted us, and felt affirmation of the Savior's admonition to "love one another."

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mimihalley said...

We just barely didn't have a white Christmas. The snow melted from earlier in the week, and then it started snowing again yesterday.

It is wonderful how the church really is a church family, with people welcoming you in with open arms. :)