Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010 - Ranelle

We are well into the the semester. We are kept adequately busy with lesson preparation, lunch preparation for the Friday noon class, attending classes, attending mission district and zone conferences, preparing food to share with the missionaries and students, attending Family Home Evening and ward meetings and activities--the list goes on. This semester I am teaching the New Testament: Acts to Revelations; and John is teaching Doctrine and Covenants. Now and then we are called on to substitute for other teachers as well.

We have the privilege of seeing some romances develop into weddings. We will attend the wedding of our Chinese neighbor, WeiWei Lu, and Richard Adams who is a composition professor at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. WeiWei's parents are here from China. She has indicated that at the "party" after the wedding, we will be sitting at the table with her parents (with some Chinese speaking guests to help us with our communication). We have had the privilege of spending some time with these wonderful people from China. If we could speak the same language, I'm sure we would be great friends. Weddings for three other couples who are part of our ward will be taking place in the Chicago and Washington DC Temples in March and May. John, who feels it his duty to see that everyone single finds that "special someone," has kept you current with some of these romances. There are other romances emerging and we watch them with interest.

We are also actively involved with some of our students who are preparing or have left on missions. This is as exciting and rewarding as the romances. These young people have prepared well and are now serving in Brazil, two in California, and one in Salt Lake. There are four or five more making preparations to serve full-time missions.

Our "position" has now been posted on the mission assignment's list. We are praying there will be a couple prepared and eager to accept this opportunity. It has been a wonderful experience for us. We are anticipating leaving early the morning of May 1. Before turning West, we plan to go East where we will visit Kirtland, Ohio, and Palmyra, New York, and renew our memories of these Church-history sites. Something I have never done is what takes us east--Niagara Falls! We will work a visit to Muncie, Indiana, somewhere in the mix before we leave the area. We have not yet decided whether we will travel I-70, I-80, or I-90 as we head west.

This has not been as severe of a winter as last--still I will happily welcome spring. I am ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures. How about you?


Watashi no Uchi said...

Oh, please let us know when you'll be in Muncie!!!! I would LOVE to see you guys!!!!


Melissa said...

Sounds like things are just great there! We love and miss you! Have so much fun in your travels and know we are excited for you to be back in Provo!

Gingersnapped! said...

Hope you have wonderful weather for your travels...and look forward to have you back home again!

Uncle Ned & Nedra

Erin said...

And maybe one day, you'll visit Boise again.

mimihalley said...

It is hard to believe that your time is already coming to a close. Time does that. It passes, sometimes so quickly that you hardly notice. Let me know when you'll be in Muncie, or if you'd like to stop in Cincinnati, you are welcome to stay over at our home! I would like for you to meet our baby, Jill.

Betty Jo said...

We are so excited to be seeing you next week...we really, really can't wait! I hope all is going well.

Love you!