Monday, February 1, 2010


If your grandfather is old enough, he'll tell you what a dashing. handsome young man Sargent Preston was. Your grandpa might also tell you the name of the sargent's lead dog, I can't.

I cite that great Canadian Mounted policeman because based on how we visitors to the north country feel, it is miraculous that those two dog-sledders could even get out of bed! I say that because I'm learning the best way to behold this cold northland is behind closed eyelids. (At least while still warm and comfortable in bed, if one is resourceful enough he can conjure up some landscape that is not snow covered, and bare of leaves for the trees. And cloudy. And drab.)

Now you can compare that dreary paragraph with one we wrote three months ago and you'll see a marked contrast. Back then, I/we were enthralled with Michigan. And in love with it, and reluctant to go home. Things have now changed. Plus, there is the added feature of our being released three months hence, and you can sense our feelings just now.

But did I recently read a phrase that said, "There must needs be an opposition in all things." (II Nephi 2:11)? That being so, you'll probably hear me say in a few more weeks that this Michigan country is truly all that I have imagined it to be in the past, and I shall forever cherish the privilege I/we have had of living here.

If only we can get past the wintertime.


Nedra said...

The dog is "Yukon King." (Nah...I looked it up!)

Anonymous said...

February is ALWAYS the hardest month, I am fairly certain that's why they made it the shortest. :)

I can't believe you guys are almost done, and we never made it up there to visit! And now we're moving to Nebraska... sigh.

Erin said...

Actually, I'm quite glad to hear at least one negative thing about Michigan. I was worried we'd never see you again.

How's the syrup coming along?