Monday, April 19, 2010

Leaving Lansing

If you'll look back, in previous blog-spot entries you'll see "crocodile tears" as this spoiled one contemplated leaving East Lansing, Michigan and returning home. They're gone now, the tears are, and what lies ahead is what matters. I don't mean to sound hard-hearted, but cry babies too must somehow grow up.

Part of that growing up happened last Saturday. Reason: Muncie, Indiana. You see, in 2003 Ranelle and I served an eighteen-months' mission there. And after living among kindly, saintly Mormons for that long, after awhile they not only tolerate you, but in time they they sort of "adopt" you. And being accepted that way, we in turn love(d) them dearly. In February 2005 our Muncie mission finished, and sadly we departed town knowing full-well we would never/could never return. (Reason: down in the deep south they call our kind, "po' folk"). But five years later we came once again on another mission to East Lansing, Michigan. And being far enough east, and living only three-hours' drive north of Muncie, one day we "gets" to thinking to ourselves, "why not?" So obtaining permission, and being just two weeks shy of finishing this present mission, we took a "sentimental journey back home" to Muncie. BONANZA! As good fortune provided, our return happened to coincide with the very day that two of the ward's "teeny boppers" (at least they were that five years ago) held their respective wedding receptions--same building; same time; adjacent rooms. So after "afternooning-it" with selected friends, come evening-time Ranelle and I cleaned up, attended both receptions, and reaped a windfall in terms of greeting more beloved friends than we ever dreamed we would ever see again! We could not possibly have chosen a better day for "returning home." And best yet, not only were the "Old Guard" Muncie-ites there, but also were many "movers-away-ers" there too, all paying homage to those beloved children they had known back in the brides' growing-up days.

Thank Heaven for blessed people who register love, and tolerate missionaries.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you mean by tolerate, but we certainly did love you guys!!

Oh how I wish we had been close enough to go to those receptions! From what I hear it really was quite the reunion.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to correct the usage of the past tense in my comment: it should read " love you guys!!"