Sunday, March 15, 2009


Once, a looong time ago, the famed baseball pitcher "Dizzy" Dean said, "If you done it, it ain't braggin." And me, I "ain't" braggin' exactly, but I do confess it was I who initiated this second mission. And just between you and me, for awhile the idea was not very popular. Slowly, however, the concept materialized until--"here we are." (Or in the vernacular, "Play Ball!") And ironically, with me having all the original verve, you'd think I'd at least get up to bat! Not so. They let me suit up for the game, okay, but I merely stack bats and carry water--that sort of thing. At other times, I sit in the dug-out cheering the super-star on!

And my, HOW she plays! I only wish there were a "play-by-play" broadcast; better yet, a DVD of it all. But all you get is my poor description. Trust me I am watching a thriller, and my big wish is that you were in the bleachers watching too.

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