Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, 2009 - ASSIGNMENTS

President Jones, our Mission President, recently emailed us with instructions regarding his expectations of Senior Missionaries. We are to attend all zone (every six weeks) and district (weekly) meetings. We are to help train missionaries in the following subjects: doctrine, language, dress and grooming, hygiene, and table manners. He further stated: "You are an example of family life, living the gospel, and enduring to the end. Many of these Elders (and Sisters) do not come from ideal family situations and need to see love and support from you. As with your own children, reprove with love and support." We will be making these presentations to all missionaries serving in the greater Lansing area after which the missionaries will break out into individual district meetings.

We met the other day with Brother Draut, the Institute Director, to work out the schedule for the summer and fall semesters. He remarked that we are responsible for much more than many CES missionaries. We have three major areas of responsibility: institute (teaching, Munch 'n Mingle, and activities), the Living Center, and the Michigan Lansing Mission. We are busy, but are better able to manage now than we were two months ago.

The weather has moderated; but as we experience in Utah, spring has not "arrived." The red buds on the maple tree behind are apartment are swelling, the snow has melted (except for piles in parking lots), and the birds are singing. We appreciate all this.

The other day on a walk through the woods, we came upon one more gallon of maple sap, frozen solid. We brought it in and boiled it down to about 1/3 cup. Those privileged to taste it pronounced it better than maple syrup from the sugar maple--a milder flavor. We have now had our "experience" and are satisfied and will leave it to the professionals to produce maple syrup.

This is my second draft of this blog. When I went to find pictures to add, I lost the narrative. I am going to publish this and look for the pictures to add later. We need to go to a class now.



mimihalley said...

I am glad you found that frozen syrup/sap. I bet that wasn't a coincidence!

That is a lot of responsibility, but you guys will do great! :)

I have been loving hearing the birds singing and chirping. Yay for spring!

Erin said...

"As with your own children, reprove with love and support"

Oh, no.......look out, kids!!!

Just kidding! You two are the perfect people for all those responsibilities.