Monday, March 9, 2009

Harmony and Jubilation

Just now two oldsters dragged themselves home all bedraggled and sore-fingered. The reason for being away: Family Home Evening. Our kids staged the weekly event and held it over in the Institute building which is maybe 200 feet from our apartment. For this particular Monday evening we played "parlor" games (whereas sometimes we have a spiritual lesson, or any other decent and clean activity that one of them can think up.) The object: wholesome togetherness. This evening there were probably thirty kids there, and after an opening prayer and brief spiritual message they broke into informal groups and played various "parlor" games--pool, foosball, checkers, Chinese checkers, some card game(s), pingpong, and air hockey. Really good, clean fun! And from my vantage, all were involved in something; all were included. I like to see that!

But "Elder" O'Dell (very, very aptly-named), and his elderly companion, "Sister" O'Dell, wore out looong before the kids, so they ducked out early and came home. I told Ranelle as we left the place that the Chinese checker set we brought from home has had so much use since we came that the corners are wearing off from the marbles to where they are actually getting round! She looked at me a little funny but I think she agreed.

Sometime remind me and I will describe what our Institute building is like, and what function it serves. Good night.

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grams said...

We miss those activities with the Young Singles. Yes, the fingers get tired and sore as well as the rest of the body but the spirit is alive and kicking at those activities. Thank you for serving another mission. You are wonderful. Just got back from Heber City. Lots of snow up there this week. Our grandson got his mission call to Puerto Rico.