Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7, 2009 - Ranelle's Thoughts

Our weeks are getting more involved. We move from church meetings and the Sunday night devotional for those living in the Student Living Center, to preparing for Munch 'n Mingle and serving it on Tuesday, attending a class for adult members of the stake on Tuesday night, Missionary District Meeting on Wednesday, John's class on Wednesday night, my class on Thursday night, our visit to a care center on Friday where we read from the scriptures with two residents, various activities on Saturday, and than we start all over again.

We are involved with the students and their activities. On March 28 this institute hosted a state-wide dinner/dance. The response far exceeded the activities committee's expectations. Well over one hundred young people came from all over and had a wonderful time. The decorations, food, activities, and dancing were enjoyed by all.

We were able to watch General Conference here at the institute building. At 10:00 a.m. we had a waffle breakfast before gathering to watch the sessions at 12:00 and 4:00. I love General Conference and can hardly wait for the printed talks to arrive in the May Ensign. I also feel very close to family and friends when I know we are all watching and learning from the wonderful messages at the same time wherever we are in the world.

Will spring ever arrive in Michigan? Though it was cold and windy, we took a walk last Friday and could see baby leaves beginning to appear. But since Friday, it has not been pleasant enough to go for a walk.

This narrative makes life sound a little dull, but we are not in least bored. We are busy most of the time and love the experiences we are having.


mimihalley said...

It definitely sounds like things are settling into a set routine for you! That's great! It's nice to know what to expect. :)

Utah keeps giving us tastes of spring and then throws us back into winter. We've been flip flopping between 60 degree weather and snow. I wouldn;t mind if it made up its mind. :)

I'm 8 mos. pregnant tomorrow!

grams said...

You two are certainly a great example of the hundreds of seniors on missions. I don't know how you have enough energy to do all you do. I can barely keep up with it all at home. One thing I have been doing is helping a single mom prepare her house to sell. I have stained and varnished 7 doors. My primary co teacher and I are getting ready to do a puppet show for sharing time. Last week, my Lowrey Organ group played at a nursing home. We played at a HP party on March 20. I visit and help my elderly friend, 89, each week and will be taking her to the doctor on Friday. She is diabetic and blind. I helped clean an apartment two weeks ago after members moved. So, I guess, we can still do some good even if we are at home. I'm blessed to be so healthy. Our grandson is going to Puerto Rico on a mission in May.