Monday, April 13, 2009

Maple Syruping-it

Before I/we leave this subject of maple syrup, let me inform you of something of which I know very little. It sure is delicious, maple syrup is. And except for sugar cane, and sugar beets, I know of little else that produces sugar in any quantity that yields a marketable product--maybe honey. As for maple syrup, it takes 40 gallons of maple sap to yield one gallon of syrup. And if you'll scroll down and look at the picture that is published way down from here, you'll see that one gallon jug full of sap that is hanging from one of the trees I tapped. After photographing it, we took the gallon inside and boiled it down. The small quantity of syrup in the cup is what resulted from that one gallon of sap. Last week I overheard a maple syrup producer telling someone how he recently produced 4o gallons of syrup in one day. I have a feeling that much syrup might, for once, satisfy my appetite for such a marvelous gift of nature.

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mimihalley said...

I really love all the maple syrup posts. :)

I am glad you got to see my parents the other day! They sure enjoyed having you over.