Thursday, January 29, 2009


I can honestly say there is not a place anywhere I would rather be, or a thing of any kind I would rather be doing than what I/we are doing right now. Isn't that a nice condition?

When we learned we have only one lesson each to give per week, I was disappointed. But when we must work so hard at preparing, along with the other things we do, one lesson is about right. For one thing I really stress and strain just getting ready enough to teach sensibly. Ranelle is much more organized so she spends less time preparing, then gives better lessons in the process. I gave mine last night; she gives hers tonight. My subject this semester is "Missionary Preparation;" hers, "The Book of Mormon." Last night I had six students, one of which was a non-member of our church. Lovely young lady soon moving away to med school. Whether she is ever baptized is uncertain, but meanwhile she is seeing the very heart and soul of Mormonism. Last night I said, "Cheryl [not her name], the next time you hear Mormons accused of not believing in Jesus Christ will you please tell them what you've seen--from close up?"

It looks like the young people we work with number about forty--maybe more. A few are not students, and of those who are, a good half are in graduate school. All of these kids are remarkable because all by themselves--independent of parents or spouse or friends, they seek after the everlasting things. Most, most impressive, all of them, but especially those doctoral candidates. Masters candidates too. It would not surprise me at all to hear of some of those kids in the years to come.

Meanwhile, they generously let Elder and Sister O'Dell mingle among them, and we feel honored.


Thomas and Melissa said...

We love hearing from you! Keep up the posts... we look foward to them always. Things here are great, we love you and miss you!

mimihalley said...

That is wonderful to mingle with and teach so many great young adults who are striving to live righteously. :) I bet you're both good teachers. Do you sit in each other's classes?