Friday, January 9, 2009

The O'Dells are "at home" in East Lansing, Michigan

We're here. Tired, frazzeled, confused, but here. For much of the last day, we ran on snow and ice, but for the rest of the traveling, the roads were clear, and mostly dry. By now, we have all our gear inside and stowed away. Our computer is now set up. Nice country here--we expected that. Maybe fifty feet from where I sit is a thick woods, and through the trees is a small river. We are happy we came, but will be even happier when we get some experience behind us. John

Yes, we arrived about 5:30 Tuesday evening and with the help of some residents and employees of the Student Living Center, the car and car-top carrier were unloaded in record time. The young sister missionaries who live directly below us brought us dinner (and fixed breakfast for us Wednesday morning), we made up the beds, and unpacked nearly everything before collapsing for the night. Wednesday and Thursday was full of meeting people, shopping, and organizing our living quarters.

Immediately ahead are meetings, lesson preparation for each of us, meeting students--as well as breakfast with the mission president, his wife and the office staff on Saturday morning. Next week we will get to work with teaching assignments for Wednesday and Thursday, "munch 'n mingle" preparation for Tuesday and Thursday, plus many miscellaneous assignments. We've also been invited to have dinner and FHE (family home evening) with the institute director's family on Monday evening.

We still have only our limited-use cell phone--(801-319-2410 if you urgently need to reach us), but hope to have phone service set up soon. Our address is:

4912 South Hagadorn, #21
East Lansing MI 48823

We'll write again soon and send pictures when we are able.



mimihalley said...

Yay! You made it! That's great. :) The surroundings (with the forest and stream) do sound lovely. Maybe if I'm ever visiting my parents while you're there, I'll get to visit you, too. :) I am glad everyone is being so friendly and helpful. So, you're not institute directors? For some reason I thought you were. Will you be teaching some institute classes? Were you the directors in Muncie?

Amanda said...

That is so exciting! I hope you have a great time there. I know you'll do great. They're a lucky group. I'll keep updated through your blog.