Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009--Note from John

(1-12-2009) In all the world there are few more adept computerers than my brother Glenn. Do you know what he told me? "I don't even know what a blog is!" Thank you, Glenn! Neither do I! But I plan to find out!

Life can be cruel. Example: yesterday into Sunday school bursts a young lady, her forehead crinkled for crying. Looking for her friend, she was. Then outside the door we could hear the two sobbing. Later we learned that she, a new convert since last September, had just been text-messaged by her two-years-duration boyfriend saying that "since she was in church again he was through." I was consoled later in seeing her standing beside that same girlfriend, and the two were talking with two very viril and handsome young men. I hope that compensates somewhat. Such are the dynamics of young campus life. And us two crinkled CESers get to be stand-off-and-watch participants.


amydaisyrose said...

I am really looking forward to reading about your experiences on your mission as you learn about "blogging"!

Also, I wish I could be in your area to learn more from you guys.

mimihalley said...

That is harsh about that girl's boyfriend! Are you enjoying being back in the drama that is the single college scene?